Portrush, UK

The Privileged Players or Town Players were for the most part, non-professional men who lived within the town boundaries, and while Privileged Player status was open to any male resident of the town, this was subject of course to the approval from Royal Portrush Golf Club, a substantial portion of these appeared to have come from the harbour area of the town, also known as Ramore.

The name Ramore is a contraction of the old Irish name Rath (meaning fort) and Mor (meaning big), with the well known local fact that a well established large fort was at the harbour end in the 16th century, so it seems almost appropriate that Rathmore Golf Club should be so named.

First mention of formation of “Rathmore Golf Club”, comes from the Royal Portrush Council meeting minutes in October 1947, when Rathmore Golf Club was granted permission to apply for affiliation to the Golfing Union of Ireland, and one month later after submitting the rules of the club to Royal Portrush Council for ratification, this was duly granted and Rathmore was then officially formed. In 1953 work was well under way to build a clubhouse, which was opened by Lady Babington in the same year, and the club has had several extensions to date to enlarge the facilities, as the membership increases.

Fred Daly

  • 1947 Open Champion

Graeme McDowell

  • 2010 US Open Champion. French Open 2013 & 2014
  • 10 European Tour Wins
  • 4 Ryder Cups
  • Amateur Career
  • Irish Close Champion
  • Irish Youths
  • Leinster Youths
  • World Universities Individual & Team

Alan Dunbar

  • 2012 The Amateur Championship
  • 2010 Irish Open Amateur Championship
  • 2009 St. Andrews Links Trophy
  • 2008 Ulster Youths

North of Ireland Amateur Championship

  • J Faith – 1970
  • I Elliot – 1985
  • W Telford – 2009
  • A Dunbar – 2010

The privileged players,
the story of rathmore golf club…so far

To begin, it is known that a golf club was in existence many years before it evolved into what became known officially as Rathmore Golf Club. A book has been published to explain the outset and the rise of the club from its humble beginnings to what it is now, the book is called “THE PRIVILEGED PLAYERS, The Story of Rathmore Golf Club…so far”, and is available at Rathmore Golf Club for £5.